MicroSol's  research has been supported by two major US institutions: The Department of Defense and the National Science Foundation. Our veteran team members have extensive experience in solid-state electronics product research, development, and manufacturing; having successfully transferred technologies from research to production.  The team also has expertise in semiconductor device design and processing, flexible electronics, and solid-state reliability.  


Our Mission

To develop and commercialize innovative solid-state electronics used in energy harvesting, and storage devices used in wireless sensor networks and wearable electronic or defense applications.

What We've Achieved

  • The development of novel energy harvesting and storage technologies using 3-D structures for high density batteries.
  • Design and fabrication of wireless sensor node and a smartphone app for energy harvester function testing.

  • Demonstration of a low cost, integrated, flexible RF energy harvesting system.
  • Integration of a RF energy harvesting system with thin film solar cells on the same substrate.

MicroSol Technologies Flexible Materials

Flexible Materials

MicroSol Technologies Energy Harvesting System

Energy Harvesting Systems

(Solar & RF)

MicroSol Technologies has invented and developed a novel integrated hybrid energy harvester based on 3-D architecture. The hybrid energy harvester converts both light and electromagnetic field energy into electricity at the same time, which provides a more reliable and efficient way to enable electronic systems with self-powered function. 

MicroSol Technologies 3D Trenches

3-D Trenches

High-K Materials

MicroSol Technologies Inc. developed an innovative nanolaminated high dielectric material using Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) for the application of IRFPAs

Microfabrication Services

MicroSol Technologies Inc. utilizes state of the art cleanroom and research facilities located at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), allowing the company to avoid duplicative capital costs. UTD holds top notch facilities including a 10,000 class “Cleanroom Research Laboratory” located in the new Natural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory